High perfomance slitting machine for foils, hermal transfer ribbons, hot stamp foils

The High perfomance slitting machine CRM 6 are the equipment that enables you to be  flexible  and to provide the market with thermal transfer  ribbons  of the most excellent quality.The CRM 6 are high performance slitting machines for polyester or polyethylene film of 3-20 µm. The machine has been built to slit thin film especially thermal transfer ribbons.

Beside the thermo transfer ribbon you can also slit correctable, single- and multistrike ribbons. As a standard the system comes with a blade cutting system. It is a complete unit which can easily be changed to a rotary (Shear) knife system. The rotary knife system can cut materials such as thermal transfer paper or other materials which require circulating knives.

A special designed ANTI-STATIC NON-STICK COATING of the rollers allows  HIGH PRODUCTION SPEED.

A side adjustment is installed at the unwind station to facilitate film alignment. The jumbo roll is locked with an air operated non-shaft centred spanning system. Easy, fast and safe loading of the jumbo roll.

A full electronically controlled servo drive system with High Performance Servo Motor controls the jumbo roll speed performance. This system gives a very precision tension control during the whole operating cycle even during acceleration and slow down the unwind-tension will be perfect and stable.

A table with slots and two clamping units makes it easy to install the leader. The clamping arms are adjustable to leader size. The IHLE tape-unwind-system supplies wrinkle free leader and together with the EPS (Easy-Pull-System) you will get perfect leader.