Capillary Mats and the Environment

Capillary mats are able to heat and cool in one system. The acclimatisation mats can be used in private rooms, offices, manufacturing plans, server rooms and many other places. It is a closed system with circulating water with allows heating and cooling with one system. The capillary mats system is based on a similar basic structure as human blood stream.

The water circulates in a closed loop. Due to large main pipes which are connected with a multitude of small tubes (capillary tubes) results in a large surface to transfer the energy. The large surface allows low water temperatures like 25 – 32 °C for the heating compared with 50 – 60 °C at a regular heating system.
The new capillary mats technique is easy to connect with standard heating systems. It is also very easy to supply it in already existing buildings. Exactly the same system is used to cool down the rooms in summer time. Therefore it just needs water temperatures of about 16 °C.  Besides the much better indoor climate, it is a significant cost saving against standard heating and cooling systems. All together the heating and cooling with capillary mats is environmentally friendly, healthy and well being and reduces operating costs considerably.
Other application areas for acclimatisation mats are: Energy feed back of waste water. The mats can be also integrated in plaster board and acoustic ceilings. Last but not least a big advantage is that the mats are made of PP (Polypropylene).
Polypropylene is a plastic which is environmentally friendly, easy to recycle and without any remaining toxic materials. It can be used almost everywhere even in acid and suds. There is almost no limit in the use of the capillary mats systems to save energy and to get a healthy room climate.