Series CRM 8

Coated roll slitting and rewinding machine from roll to roll for film / paper / adhesive tapes and uncoated, single and double-sided adhesive tapes

The rigid basic structure of the machine through precision-machined steel base plate with bolted aluminum frame results in a vibration-free running of the machine. The result is an optimal and constant-winding quality.

For the production of adhesive labels, a Rotationslochung be integrated in the machine. A cut only by the first film with separter winding as edge strip enables the clean separation of the label from the backing paper.



Ihle Maschinenbau Schneidemaschinen CRM 8

Technische Daten

  • Highest quality winding through rugged frame construction
  • cutting and wrapping of simple and double sided tapes from 4.2 mm cutting width
  • Optimal tension through sensor-based servo drives
  • rewinding cutters or with revolver rewinding
  • Round knives, scissors or knife crushing systems
  • counting and monitoring function for winding length
  • Worldwide remote service through EtherCAT bus system

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