CRM 8-25 spooling machine

The spooling machine  CRM 8-25 Sp is designed to produce spools and ribbons with aluminium foil leader. To get high output, the unwind roll is driven by a servo motor. For perfect tension control the ribbon runs through a dancing arm system. This allows very high production speed without creating high tension in the ribbon.

To make it easy to join aluminium leader and ribbon, the machine is equipped with a combination device, which includes vacuum system, clamping device and cutter. The vacuum system is automatically activated through direct contact with the aluminium foil.
This system has also a clamping device and guiding system to make sure that the joining of the ribbon and aluminium leader is in line. An automatic press roller comes down to press aluminium foil and ribbon together. The adapter at the rewind motor has a quick change system to allow fast and easy change. The rewind station has a side adjustment, this gives a perfect line up of the ribbon.

Product close up

IHLE machinery CRM 8-25 spooling machine