CRM 688/1000-TSD/Servo production machine


CRM 688/1000-TSD/Servo

We have designed the New multi tube welding machine CRM 688/1000-TSD/Servo based on the welding machine CRM467 which is producing capillary mats already for many years in Germany, China and Japan. The precision steel plate is the solid base for  this high performance multi tube welding machine CRM 688/1000-TSD/Servo.
The NEW high performance precision servo-drive system guarantees you high quality welding. It allows the adjustments for the slider positions directly at the TSD Touch-Screen-Display. The operation by Touch-Screen-Display makes it comfortable to operate the machine. The changing of parameters is easy. The memory function allows the storage up to 99 complete machine settings for different products. At the main screen of he touch-screen-display you can permanently check the actual setting.
The newly developed welding process saves against previous methods up to 70 % of electrical energy. An adapter system enables rapid conversation to different capillary tubes as well as different main tube diameters.

Product close up

Technical data

The machine is designed to manufacture capillary mats. It will weld up to 192 capillary tubes to main tubes. The CRM 688/1000-TSD/Servo can produce mats with a max. length of 12 meters. The working width of the machine is 1000mm.