Series CRM 6

Roll slitting and rewinding machine from roll to roll for coated and uncoated films of various materials from 1-300µm

The machines cut example Polyester or polyethylene film, thermal transfer ribbons, hot stamping foils, holographic foils, security labels, or similar products. The cutting machines are characterized by a robust frame that passes through its low-vibration running to optimal winding quality. The basic equipment includes a biasing station (Leader), which is performed manually or automatically. The conversion of the machine is the automatic centering of the jumbo roll and the easy replacement of the blade system in the minute range. [Nbsp] By default, the machine with a utility knife bar (blade section) are equipped. The entire control and is controlled by a programmable controller. Networking with the sensors and servo drives as well as the touch screen display via the ether CAT bus system. In order for a Global remote service function is given.


Ihle Maschinenbau Schneidemaschinen CRM 6

Technische Daten

  •   • Working speed 0-500 m / min.
      • Working width 1000-1400mm
      Unwinding roll width 400-1400 mm
       Unwinding diameter max. 550mm
      Rewinding diameter 150mm

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