Milling and drilling machine CRM 46 F/1250

Milling and drilling machine
CRM 46 F/1250 for plasterboards

The use of plasterboards is very common nowadays, a very economical solution for the acclimatisation of new buildings and renovation, with sound and temperature isolation, as well as environmentally friendly.

Together with capillary mats an economical indoor climate control can be realized. With the use of the milling and drilling machine CRM 46F/1250 the commercial plasterboard are getting grooves and by the installation of capillary mats you will get an efficient surface heating and cooling system.

The installation of this heating and cooling elements is almost as easy as the use of plasterboards itself. Thus a very easy, modern and comfortable energy efficient heating and cooling system can be realized.

By investing in a NEW IHLE milling and drilling machine CRM 46F/1250 and the use of finished mats or your own production of capillary mats, a modern surface heating system can be manufactured and assembled quickly and flexible.

Product close up

IHLE Maschinenbau CRM 46F/1250

Technical data

max. Plate size 1250x2500
max. 10 milling cutters
max. 10 drill
Touch Sreen Display
up to 4 servo motors
Vacuum suction plate fixation