CRM 16-350 cardboard and platic core punching machine

The machine is suitable for the production of coreboard and platic cores with diameters 1/2 inch and 1 inch and widths between 50 mm and 350mm. It punches up to four slots in the ege of the cardboard or platic rolls, with are fed as starting material. Each of the eight punching tools can be individually controlled. 

The cores are dropped in a 300 L volume tank. A lifting core separating system lifts the cores to a conveyor belt. This belt is moving the cores to the punching system. The punching system has 8 punching units. Each unit has seperate controlled systems. Two cores are manufactured in parallel per work cycle. The output is 50 untits per minute and can be varied via the control unit.

Product close up

IHLE machinery CRM 16-350

Technical data

  • Internal diameter: 1/2 inch - 1 inch
  • adjustable width: 50mm to 350mm
  • max. wall thickness 3.5 mm at 1 inch cores
  • max. wall thickness 2.5 mm at 1/2 inch cores
  • power supply : 3x 400V
  • pneum. supply : 6 bar